Colour me beautiful

What colour suits you best and should you get out of the palette you have used for the last ten years for your daughter’s wedding? Depending on the location and whether you love the bold cut of a couture design, a sunflower yellow or sumptuous purple silk Linea Rafaelli dress might be exactly what you are looking for, but you may be thinking ‘wow! I would love to wear a dress in that colour, but I’m not sure…’ A wedding is a day of celebration and our Condici mother of the bride dresses come in vivid blues, gorgeous reds and stunning purples that fit the happy wedding vibe perfectly. Adding a matching colour-rich jacket to Condici and Ann Balon outfits, or to a dress from the Paule Vasseur collection is it is an elegant way to keep warm in the cool of a church and can be removed in the heat of a reception. On the opposite end of the scale, pastel shades wouldn’t be an immediate choice for those who prefer bright colours from their special occasion wear. But the subtle shades available from a Coterie, or Gina Bacconi dress will bring out the sophisticated dreamy element of your nature.

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