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Wedding Hats & Fascinators for the Mother of the Bride & Groom

Buying the Ideal Wedding Hat

There are many designs and styles of wedding hats that will match what you wear. You can wear hats tilted to the side, to the front or the back and it is essentially what works for you and your outfit. Ladies want to feel special with the hat on; they want to look different and unique. They want to stand out in the crowd of other women, and it’s a bit like competition or making a personal, lasting statement.

A stylish Wedding Hat can add so much to an outfit. They are an excellent way to add drama and flair to mother of the bride or groom outfits. Hats are also a perfect way to express your personal style. If you are uncertain about how to wear a hat, so as to show your personality, take a look at some pictures of British women: they know how to pull off any hat!

Wedding Hats London & Manchester

A hat is ideal for the finishing touch to a wedding outfit as it will not only look great but will also protect you from the glare of camera flash or sun. Look for a hat with a wide brim in ivory or pastel color. A wedding hat should be festively decorated; it should not resemble anything that you would wear for gardening. You can either choose a hat that comes furnished or add your embellishments to a simple portrait hat.

Wedding Hats for the Mother of the Bride and Groom

The wedding fascinator is also growing in popularity, especially with the younger women. These accessories are not only meant for weddings. They are also a great accessory for any festive occasions ranging from the casual to the formal. There is no reason why your wardrobe should not comprise of any, given the simplicity and elegance of wearing one.
Vintage wedding hats are also back in fashion now; old school is now actually the new school! What our parents or grandparents used to wear for their weddings events are now actually back in vogue! Talk about product lifecycle out the window! All sorts of hats like cocktail hats, big cage fill hats with feathers are all back in style.
Wedding hats are a worthy investment as they can be used and reused at second weddings and even at other events. There is a wide choice of other wedding accessories that could go with it and also the very popular wedding hats and fascinators. The bottom line is, regardless of when you are wearing your wedding hat, that you are ensuring that you are not upstaging the bride. You want to be fashionable but do it without appearing as though you might be trying to steal the attention from the bride.

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Can a hat be too big?

Hats set off special occasion wear wonderfully well and are fantastically fun to wear. Yet how big does your hat need to be? Well as much as it comes down to personality, our selection of Nigel Rayment hats are often carefully matched with our select range of designer mother of the bride outfits and evening wear. Finding the right proportion is a finely honed skill you’d expect from a milliner in London, and you can take expert advice from our specialist stylists to discover the right head piece from our designer and couture hats. It is well known that the mother of the bride will choose from the myriad of designer hats to mark her daughter’s wedding and a wide sweeping brim topped with delicate feathers is almost expected. There are times when the seemingly simple fascinator adds the dash of elegance required for a garden party. The biggest day of year for hat shops in London is of course Ascot (although the forthcoming Royal wedding will skew the trend this year). This is the event when women hope their hats for Ascot will be more sumptuous, more dazzling than any other. It is the time of year when a hat can never be too big.