Couture Heritage

Buying special occasion wear or evening wear is an opportunity for seriously glamming up your wardrobe. Little else will increase the anticipation seeing your stunning mother of the bride dress hung on the door waiting to go into its garment carrier, or a vibrant cocktail dress laid out on the bed as you prepare your makeup. A dress with a couture background adds an extra frisson because the craftsmanship that goes into creating a couture dress is the culmination of a designer’s drive for purity in every cut and stitch. We stock couture designers such as Linea Raffaelli, Ian Stuart and Paule Vasseur who, whilst different in styles, all invest a passion for perfection every couture dress they make. With a Paule Vasseur mother of the bride dress we know its sublime structure and attention to the smallest detail gives it a timeless quality that lends it the versatility to also be worn as evening wear or to a formal garden party. Every boldly beautiful Linea Raffaelli dress has been crafted by a Belgian family-owned fashion house and, as with the jet-setting couture of Ian Stuart’s Neapolitan collection, will give you a thrill whether it’s worn at a cocktail party or wedding feast.

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