You will have seen a Jovani mother of the bride outfit or dress before. Even if the only time you read a fashion magazine or Hello is in the hairdressers, or in the myriad of waiting rooms we spend hours of our lives in, you will have seen their dresses. Jovani is the New York based fashion house adored by the kind of A-list celebrities who want to strut and float down the red carpet in a designer dress with the serious wow factor. You’ll have seen stunning Jovani evening wear on the likes of Katy Perry and Hollywood starlet Taylor Swift, and their sumptuous gowns on European aristocracy such as Sarah Ferguson. Jovani is an internationally recognised brand that has been gathering awards since the family owned business was founded in 1980. We have cherry picked the best of the best of the Jovani evening wear collection and mother of the bride dress range to become an important addition to our dedicated red carpet room.  It is in this room you will find our celebrity stylist and seamstress, Cathy McCarthy, who is on hand to ensure an excellent fit every time. As with all their collections, a Jovani mother of the bride dress has been crafted to suit all types of women and is available in size 6 to 32. Beautiful long silk chiffons and silk taffeta are meticulously crafted into exquisite dresses that radiate the perfect level of sophistication and glamour your want from your special occasion wear.

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